At Liwi, we seek innovative and risk-taking filmmakers who have novel visions to cooperate with. In fact, we produce films that might be bizarre or even frightening to some people; but we believe new horizons can only be reached through daring actions and finding new talents.
New horizons are places in which new ideas are born. And, new ideas can be utilized in many different sections of filmmaking process including storytelling, script, editing, cinematography, set and costume design, and thousands of other cogs that move the filmmaking machine.

What we do..

At Liwi, we intend to establish a sanctuary to gather artists from newer generations who have got virtu and creativity to produce films for audience who desires to see novel content on Cinema.
In fact, this audience seems to be forgotten in the busy filmmaking industry we see today. Having the attention
of this forsaken audience back requires huge concentration
​​​​​​​on artistic views of individuals.

What we intend..

We and the creative artists on our side are at the first steps of our long journey to reach the mentioned goals. We hope to add novel works of art to the world and only will reach it by supporting innovative and risk-taking artists.  ​​​​​​​

Our journey..

Address:        No. 21, Keyhan Alley, Azizi Street., North Kargar Ave.
                    Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Postal Code:  1439745481
Telephone:    98 912 480 2234